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The Crystal World, Cyelle.

Welcome to the world of Cyelle, a strange alien planet where the people are more plant-like than human-like. You've been transported to Cyelle by "The Creator" who has a mission for you to complete to protect the people of this world. In order for you to complete this mission The Creator has blessed you with a rare Crystal which will grant you prestige, notoriety, and power if you so choose to take it.

Crystals are known as the "eyes of the creator", so be sure not to abuse the power you've been gifted with.

Crystals grant their users with a unique ability which exemplifies their thoughts and desires. You can manifest these abilities in whatever way you see fit that would suit the personality of your character--which includes keeping the abilities from their world if you so choose.

Given this is a new setting, there are a couple prompts I've come up with to help you get started. Feel free to pick one and tag around, or just say YOLO and do your own thing with your own ideas. This is going to be a preeeetty closed musebox thread so don't be shy tagging the other couple people that are here. I'm going to do whatever I can to tag everyone who throws a thread in. 83

1.) Stranger in a strange place
Unless you make an OC tailored to the world, odds are that the character you choose is going to be seen as extremely odd by the populace. Cyelle is full of Synphai who have pale skin, pale hair, and don't look anything like you do. If a character walks down the street or so much as shows up anywhere near the populace, they're going to get stared at, bombarded with questions, and pawed at to no end.

2.) Look Ma, LAZERS!
It looks like you've been gifted a crystal and it's time to get to know your new abilities! No one around here seems to know how to unlock those abilities given that magic is so rare and prestigious, so it looks like you're going to have to figure it out on your own. Hopefully whatever you do--or don't do--doesn't destroy an entire city block.

3.) Oh god heights
Hope that you're not afraid of heights, because the cityscape is full of nothing BUT heights. Bridges are placed at harrowing heights, lifts seem to extend into the abyss of the earth, and people have no problems with jumping off of high ledges. Considering its commonplace for the natives of the world they're going to expect you to follow along with. Hope you brought a parachute.

4.) Free
Feel free to do your own thang and come up with something that you thought of while reading the world description or just a random idea to see where it goes. Do whatever you can to poke holes in the culture, mythos, and feeling of the world. It's not flawless and probably will get broken somewhere down the line.

This is a small list of locations that you can use as a starting point. Feel free to come up with your own if you have an idea. I, by no means, have any established list of cities yet.

The City of Sound, Aliusia Nova
Ulisia Nova--Otherwise known as Novasia--is one of the larger cities in the caverns of Tanos. This city is a treat for those who love the big cities and particularly those who have an affinity for music. With it's sprawling pathways, street-side markets, and various kinds of food and water, it seems like a bustling city full of culture and rife with things to explore. The people here are known for their love of music and have built a sensational city full of sound. Walkways tend to chime with different notes as they're stepped on, people where shoes which strike certain notes when they walk, and singing is constant throughout the back alleyways. There's always something new to hear in whatever you find.

The Crystal Caverns
Crystal caverns is somewhere that only you--someone who bears a crystal--can enter. This place is a trek through a crystal-covered cavern which is considered a sacred place to the natives because it bears droves of memory crystals. The crystals that reside here have been in this place for thousands of years and as such harbor memories from long ago that can be viewed if they are picked up. You can also access memories from your own past and view them if you manage to find an unused crystal.

Some notes about crystals:
  • Characters will have to spend time mastering their crystals.
  • Crystals can take he form of whatever shape you choose, but must always remain with the character. They are "bonded" to their user, so to speak.
  • Crystals are not separate characters and don't have to be NPCed. At best, they can provoke emotions or feelings that might not occur in the character normally.


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