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Date: 2015-02-03 03:43 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] divaoftime
Ugh. Grave yards. She hated grave yards. Nothing but a cold reminder of how most people end up in some dank old place with nothing to mark their existence but some cold slab of stone with a name and a date. And, you could only hope someone would care enough to actually read them... She really hoped she could at least have a fancier one herself, if she had to be buried in a place like this. Although, if she could have her way, she'd be too famous for a place like this. Too famous, and too rich.

Speaking of being rich though... that's why she was here. She heard a rumor that ten years ago some idiot robber actually tried to hide his loot from the cops by burying it in one of these graves. Apparently no one had ever found which one. Oh yeah, if she could score that, she'd be living large.

She had a special trick up her sleeve to help her do it too. Something no one else had. If she could get it right, she might be able to actually see for herself which grave it was in, by going back in time to watch it happen with her own two eyes.

She'd been able to narrow down the time frame thanks to some newspaper articles. Apparently, they really had caught the guy in the graveyard. So, there had to be something to this, right? It might still take her a while though, since all she knew was it happened on October fourteenth in two thousand and four. She didn't really have a time. She was guessing it was some time after dark. Or was the robber really that stupid? Okay, maybe she better start her search around ten o'clock in the morning, just to be safe.

She settled down on the ground with her back against a grave and a shovel over her knees, wrinkling her nose a little at having to sit in the slightly wet grass. All for the money, remember that girl! Once she was comfortable, she focussed her mind on the time she wanted to go back to. Her eyes glazed over, then drooped closed. They would be that way for maybe two minutes, that's all the longer this would take in real time. For her, however, it would feel like the better part of a day.

Well, she better get to it. Out of her body her consciousness stepped, and into the past. There she waited, hour after hour, until finally, some time around seven, the guy finally arrived. Yes! She was right after all! She was going to be rich!
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