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OC Only Meme!

We've had all sorts of Memes for all your muses, but what about a meme for muses that aren't of a specific canon,
or muses that you're still in the process of developing? Enter the OC Only Meme! Toss in your OC and pick a
scenario to experiment with them.

1. Scavenge - You're OCs are stranded alone on an island. They must gather supplies to build a shelter until help arrives.

2. Survive - Zombies are invading oh no! Fend off hoards of Zom Zoms and free humanity from their whole being undead thing.

3. Travel - Your OCs have traveled through time to a Mideval setting. With castles and poofy dresses galore your OCs must figure out how to fit in. Or not.

4. Employment - Your OCs got stuck with the worst job ever. Do they do it well or do they ignore their job? Anything for a paycheck.

5. Spooky Spooks - Your OC is taking a walk at night and they happen on a graveyard by accident! Are you intrigued or frightened?

6. Free Pick - Set up your own scenario!

Remember: OCs Don't have set histories and sometimes don't have icons, so give your RP parter details to work with in your post to the best of your abilities! Give them something to work with as much as you can. IF you don't have an idea of how to answer a specific question, toss out an answer and see how it works. You'll know that it's something you have to work on for the future.

Date: 2015-02-21 04:36 am (UTC)
bytheguidebook: (anger - annoyed profile)
From: [personal profile] bytheguidebook
Piper wasn't going to get much of a chance to recover. The moment she went down, Miles pushed her onto her stomach, clipped the other handcuff around her free wrist. He could see those crocodile tears, but it was already too late to start this whole encounter over.

"No can do, I'm afraid. You still haven't answered my questions." The Guide pulled her up into a sitting position before taking a seat for himself. Arrests of this nature were not a common occurrence, even for the more seasoned officer. He was very glad for that gate, otherwise she would have gotten away. "Which you can start any time now, by the by."

Although, he wasn't about to hold his breath that she was going to answer him even now.

Date: 2015-02-21 04:57 am (UTC)
divaoftime: (PissedPiper)
From: [personal profile] divaoftime
She thrashed uselessly when he turned her on her stomach, spitting at bits of gravel that stuck to her face in the process. By the time he'd pulled her upright, her whole face had gone an angry shade of red, and those eyes of hers were shining not with tears alone, but rage.

"I'm not telling you shit, you asshole!" She screamed at him, loud as she could.

And she wasn't content to just sit there quietly for him either, handcuffs or not. It might have been hopeless, but she still scraped at the loose rocks under her butt with her shoes as she tried to get enough leverage to stand, and the whole time expletives that might have made a sailor blush spilled forth from her in an endless stream.

"Stupid motherfucker you can't just fucking tie me up like this you cock sucking bastard!"

And it just kept going. She tried and failed to push herself to her feet and only ended up making it halfway before plopping back on her ass, wincing. She tried another method of getting her knees under her first but it hurt too bad in the rocks to keep her weight on them; she only succeeded in scraping them up. So, in the end, she was left there flailing like a two year old having a tantrum in the grocery store, kicking her feat and screaming until her throat was raw and her voice had become little more than a rasp.

Finally, with one giant huff, she shut her mouth and just sat there glaring at him with her lower lip pushed out and her nose flaring wide with each heavy breath she took. The whole thing had likely lasted over five minutes, all told.

Date: 2015-02-21 05:11 am (UTC)
bytheguidebook: (happy - smug)
From: [personal profile] bytheguidebook
As Piper launched into her tantrum, Miles took the time to rub at his ear, wincing slightly as she yelled. Goodness what a pair of lungs. It might have drawn some other attention if they hadn't been alone in the cemetery, but the young woman's luck just seemed to get worse as the night wore on.

And yet, she was still screaming and kicking up a fit.

Fully prepared to grab her if need be, Miles sat patiently. Dark blue eyes settled on observing his watch, counting away the seconds that bled into minutes as Piper carried on. All her protests fell on deaf ears, but even Miles had to admit she was more tenacious than he gave her credit for.

"Five minutes...thirty seven seconds. Give or take." he remarked mildly as the yelling died away entirely. His eyebrows lifted, not yet bothering to look in Piper's direction just yet.

"Are you quite finished? I do need to make a phone call."

There was no way he was wrangling Piper back to headquarters alone, that was for sure.

Date: 2015-02-21 05:23 am (UTC)
divaoftime: (Somber)
From: [personal profile] divaoftime
He timed her? Goddammit.

He didn't look even mildly moved by her any of her protests. Look at that smug face of his. He hadn't even bothered to look up from his fucking watch the whole time. It made her want to launch into another round of yelling, but that mention of a phone call locked her up with fear. Oh no. Who was he going to call?

That was it. She hated to have to do this, but there was just no way she could let herself get taken away. They couldn't find out about her! Not now! She'd do anything. Try anything.


"Please," She whimpered, turning on the water works for real (not hard when she'd been so close to tears the whole time.) "Please. I'm really sorry. I'll be good. I'll give you anything you want."

Now she tilted her head down, going for shy and a little coy, and pressed her breasts together with her shoulders, "I'll do anything you want if you just let me go."

Date: 2015-02-21 05:39 am (UTC)
bytheguidebook: (neutral - lineface)
From: [personal profile] bytheguidebook
"Oh, I'll bet you're sorry." Miles had to work hard to keep a neutral expression, but a snort escaped him none the less. Piper, you are truly barking up the wrong tree with this guy.

"You're not my type." Was all the Guide to say on the matter while keeping a straight face. His hand went to his pocket, fishing out a thin, black wallet that held his IOPSA badge.

"Miles Stedman, IOPSA. We're going to go on a little field trip to headquarters. Maybe you'll answer some questions there, and we'll get those cuts looked at."

Even if it was Piper's own fault she had scrapped knees, even Miles wasn't that calloused.
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Date: 2015-02-21 05:55 am (UTC)
divaoftime: (Cry Baby)
From: [personal profile] divaoftime
Well fuck her. How the hell was she supposed to get out of this now? Welp. She wasn't too proud right now to straight-up beg.

"Please, Mr. Stedman. Please don't take me in. Please. Please. Please."

If he took her in, then they'd figure out who she was eventually, despite her not having ID on her, and then they would call her mom. She couldn't let them do that! Forget he scraped knees, her mom would just kill her.

"I'm begging you. I promise, I wasn't doing anything bad. I wasn't going to hurt anything. Please, I just want to go home."

Date: 2015-02-21 04:51 pm (UTC)
bytheguidebook: (neutral - thinking)
From: [personal profile] bytheguidebook
For a moment, Miles looked as if he were considering it. Instead he was puzzling out her response. It was more than over the top and the tipping point seemed to be the phone call. Looked like someone would be in a bit of trouble with their parents, unless Miles missed the mark on this on.

"Well in that case, I'll take you home and speak to whomever is there. Seems reasonable enough to me." He replied flatly, knowing this would either get no reaction or another round of shouting as he clamored back onto his feet.

Of course, Miles really had no intention of doing that, but she needed to sweat a little before they got to headquarters.

Date: 2015-02-21 05:07 pm (UTC)
divaoftime: (Unsure)
From: [personal profile] divaoftime
If he was looking close enough, he might get to watch the pupils of her dark eyes dilate violently, while her eyelids went wide at the thought of her showing up in handcuffs to the apartment and her mother.

Still, she tried to play it cool. She tried really hard to keep her face otherwise blank. As if she could pretend the idea hadn't just made her start sweating profusely even in the cool night air.

"I live alone." She lied.

She had to try, even thought she was sure she'd already shot herself in the foot on this one.

Date: 2015-02-21 05:28 pm (UTC)
bytheguidebook: (neutral - intense)
From: [personal profile] bytheguidebook
It was a little hard to miss that wide-eyed look of fear on her face, even from where he was standing. Fortunately or not for Piper, there were regulations to follow, so despite all her best efforts she was still going in to HQ. Leaning over, Miles hooked a hand under one of her arms and tried to haul her to her feet. Even if she resisted, IOPSA required a certain level of phyical training and he was more than willing to put it to good use.

"How very nice for you." Not that he was buying it, exactly. "Now, just a moment."

With his free hand, Miles fished out his cellphone, tapped a few buttons with his thumb and pressed it between his shoulder and ear. The conversation was a brief one, to the cemetery's keeper to open the gate for them both. It took a few minutes for the elderly gentleman to re-appear, in that time Miles was perfectly comfortable to maintain silence on his end. He wasn't the one standing in cuffs, after all.

"What was all that racket earlier? Almost called the police," The wrinkles on the man's face bunched together in large folds as he first eyed Miles, then Piper.

"I'm afraid I caught myself a banshee. We'll have to reschedule, if you'd be so kind to call the office around ten?"

Date: 2015-02-21 05:48 pm (UTC)
divaoftime: (That was unpleasant.)
From: [personal profile] divaoftime
He grabbed her by the arm and she knew what that meant. They were about to be on their way in, pretty much completing her worst nightmare scenario. She thought about trying to make herself dead weight so he couldn't even get her up, but the truth was, she had a better shot getting away on her feet, so she cooperated that far.

But that was it.

He'd have to keep a firm grip on her because she was tensed to run at any second. She tried it once while he was fishing out his phone, but he obviously expected it and he was stronger than she expected.

Then she tried screaming at whoever was on the other line, practically leaning over is shoulder to do it, but, dammit, her voice was still so hoarse from earlier she could barely do more than squeak like a frightened mouse. That didn't stop her from muttering a few more curses at him under her breath while they waited for the keeper to get there.

"He attacked me!" She pleaded to the old man when he arrived, "Please, help me! Don't let him take me away!"

Date: 2015-02-21 05:55 pm (UTC)
bytheguidebook: (anger - talking)
From: [personal profile] bytheguidebook
Miles took a sharp breath in. He was a patient sort, but this woman was so desperate to get out of this that he was not inclined to be polite any longer.

"My but we're adding to a growing list of infractions. I'd suggest shutting your yap unless you want to spend some serious time in jail."

Just a thought, Piper.

To the old man, who shifted nervously on his feet. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience."

"Another time," He waved the pair off.

Keeping a firm grip on her arm, the Guide started to march her towards his car.

Date: 2015-02-21 06:11 pm (UTC)
divaoftime: (Cry Baby)
From: [personal profile] divaoftime
Her breath hitched, and her lip quivered in response to his 'warning', but at least that had gotten her to shut up. Now she was just sniffling quietly and trying to hold back more tears.

By the time he'd started walking her forward to the car, however, they were falling pretty freely, leaving little dots of wetness down her front. She was really wishing that her hands were free so she could wipe them away some. She stumbled honestly a few times just for lack of being able to see clearly. Yet, still on she marched, listless now that all her attempts at gaining freedom had been exhausted.

The sharp snap of the back seat door closing saw her staring hopelessly out of the window, still choking back those tears. She pressed her flushed face against the cool glass and slumped there in a complete state of depression. All he'd hear during the drive would be more soft sobs and sniffling.

Date: 2015-02-21 06:29 pm (UTC)
bytheguidebook: (neutral - thinking)
From: [personal profile] bytheguidebook
Miles, for his part, said nothing once Piper had settled down. Still without a name or any means of identification he would just have to wait until they made it to headquarters. He made a quick phone call just to let them know he was on his way back, but said nothing of the woman slumped in the back seat. One could almost picture a miniature raincloud above her head the way she was sniffling.

Well, you reap what you sow.

It only served to get Miles more curious as to her intentions in the graveyard were, but he was likely not the one to do the questioning from here on out.

The IOPSA building was a modest three story tan brick building tucked behind taller skyscrapers. The front bore a plaque beside the door but otherwise it look fairly unremarkable. Miles pulled up the shoulder, shut the car off, and went over to the side where Piper had slumped against.

"Come on, let's not make this difficult, hm?" He offered her a hand up and out of the car, those cuffs would make it difficult to balance otherwise.

"Miles, what're you doing back ea--" A familiar voice piped up from the doorway, stopping mid-sentence. There was Lucas, looking as if he'd seen a ghost, "Piper!?"

Date: 2015-02-21 06:42 pm (UTC)
divaoftime: (Screaming)
From: [personal profile] divaoftime
Piper was halfway through stepping out of the car, with the help of Miles, when she heard a familiar voice. She gasped, caught by complete surprise, eyes flying noticeably wider again while she fought to keep her balance. Fuck. Fuck. FUCK! And then he said her name.


This could not be happening. Oh God, please say this was one terrible-ass nightmare. Of all people. OF ALL PEOPLE?! Fucking Lucas?! How could her luck even BE this bad?!

"Shhh, fuck, No!" She sputtered at him. He'd already given up her name, that ass.

"Oh my GOD Lucas just SHUT the hell UP!"

Date: 2015-02-24 05:23 pm (UTC)
bytheguidebook: (neutral - lineface)
From: [personal profile] bytheguidebook
Looking between his flustered ward and the flabbergasted Medium, Miles had to clamp down on the sudden urge to laugh. This really wasn't this young woman's night.

"Piper, is it?" He asked mildly, not expecting the woman to confirm it. His dark blue eyes flicked to his coworker, who looked like he might be ill at any moment. "I'll explain when we're inside."

"You'd better," Lucas managed to mumble. He cast a stricken look to Piper before stumbling back to the door, holding it open for them both. The interior was much the same as any police prescient, rows of cubicles were squashed between more numerous rows of filing cabinets. If Piper happened to resist, Miles would drag her inside, if need be.

Date: 2015-02-24 05:57 pm (UTC)
divaoftime: (Cry Baby)
From: [personal profile] divaoftime
Piper wasn't planning on dignifying that with an answer. She shut her mouth and set her jaw in a thin lipped scowl. She made sure to glare daggers at Lucas while passing through the door he held open for them.

She had thought about resisting, oh, it was tempting, but that threat about getting locked up made her reconsider. She wasn't actually stupid enough to think she'd be able to make a getaway in handcuffs from the front of a station full of officers. She'd already dug herself a big enough hole.

Part of her didn't want to look like any more of a fool in front of Lucas either. Her cheeks were already burning red with embarrassment. It was enough to bring more wetness to her eyes.

God, she was so doomed. He was going to tell Miles everything, wasn't he? Stupid Boy Scout.

Date: 2015-02-24 06:11 pm (UTC)
bytheguidebook: (neutral - lineface)
From: [personal profile] bytheguidebook
Miles ushered Piper down the hallway and into one of two interview rooms. he pulled out a chair for her and indicated she should sit. Meanwhile his partner stood at the doorway, looking torn and unsure what was truly going on. After watching the expressions play out on her face, Miles was certain she really did know the Medium, that they were friends at the very least, which only made his calculated decision a little harder to go through with. He needed answers from her, and if that meant leveraging Lucas to do so...

"Just a moment," He spoke quietly to piper before turning and closing the distance between himself and Lucas.

"You should go to the other interview room, Lucas."

"What, why!?" The Medium sputtered, utter shock written plain across his face.

"You know her. Whatever she was up to may be partially your responsibility.." He held up a hand before the Medium could protest. "You know it's policy."

"...I don't even know why sh---"

"Lucas." Miles's tone took on a warning note. His expression shifted though only the Medium could see it, hinting at ulterior motives. "I'll send the Chief in to talk to you."

The man who ran the office was pretty open-minded when it came to situations like these. Miles just hoped it would be enough to get Piper to talk. They would both be in less trouble if she did and that was his true goal here, despite the underhanded tactics. Lucas visibly deflated, looking to Piper.


Date: 2015-02-24 06:23 pm (UTC)
divaoftime: (PissedPiper)
From: [personal profile] divaoftime
Piper sat with a huff, and glared back at the two speaking by the doorway, still sullen and silent.

When Lucas apologized to her, she didn't say a word, but her eyes did narrow into angry little slits at him. One could almost hear that unspoken thought hanging in the air between them 'Traitor.'

Once Lucas left, that narrow glare would be trained on Miles instead. Clearly she wasn't planning on saying anything to him either.

Date: 2015-02-24 11:44 pm (UTC)
bytheguidebook: (anger - talking)
From: [personal profile] bytheguidebook
Looking very much like a kicked puppy, the Medium hovered near the door for a few heartbeats, wishing that somehow he could have avoided whatever disaster was raining down around him. It could be nothing, really, but the way Miles was talking Piper was in some serious shit. And so was he. He slunk off down the hallway, resigned to whatever may come next.

The sight only stacked the deck against Piper in Miles's mind. Lucas was an open book most of the time and it was clear the Medium had valued something between himself and Piper. She was in full-on survival mode, only thinking of herself. It rankled his sensibilities to their fullest.

"Well, take comfort in the fact that you won't go down in flames alone." Miles scowled. "I hope you're happy."

He didn't wait for an answer, promptly leaving the room and shutting the door with a heavy click. The Chief had to be informed, of course, but these few minutes would be left to Piper and Lucas to sweat it out in separate rooms. Ultimately IOPSA would get down to the bottom of Piper's little scheme, but whether that was with or without her cooperation remained to be seen.

Miles wasn't counting on getting anything out of her. Outlandish displays to save her skin did little to endear her in the Guide's eyes. He wondered what the hell Lucas saw in her.
Edited Date: 2015-02-24 11:45 pm (UTC)

Date: 2015-02-25 01:39 am (UTC)
divaoftime: (Cry Baby)
From: [personal profile] divaoftime
She frowned at Mile's words, a shadow of fear and guilt sliding briefly over her features. Whether it was for Lucas or herself, who could say? She really hadn't thought she'd get Lucas in trouble, but he was probably out there right now telling them all about her to save his own ass. Did she really owe him anything?

These and a lot of other equally negative and fear filled thoughts buzzed around her head while she sweated it out in that chair. Were they going to call her mom? Was she really going to be put in jail just for being in a grave yard after hours? What were they going to do to her when they found out she could see the past? There was no way Lucas wasn't going to tell them. Ugh, her life was going to be over.

She slumped forward and rested her head on the table in front of her with a 'thunk,' and just laid there with her cheek against the cool surface looking utterly dejected. She could just take back everything nice she ever said to that bleach blond jerk, she told herself with another sniffle, see if he was getting any more booty calls from her... and the tears started flowing again. To think, she'd actually liked him.

Date: 2015-02-25 09:44 pm (UTC)
bytheguidebook: (neutral - profile)
From: [personal profile] bytheguidebook
Miles assumed it was for herself only that Piper was concerned. He had to resist the urge to stomp off to the Chief's office. There would be plenty of time to be angry later, it had to give way to the duties his job demanded of him first.

The explanation to the Chief did take several long minutes but Miles had little doubt the man would handle his interview of Lucas carefully. The man had a knack of semantics, navigating a thin line at times, but the small office was better for it. It would work to both Lucas's and Piper's favor, as well.

Even if she didn't deserve it.

Holding a clipboard to his chest, Miles took a deep breath before entering the small interview room once more. Beside them the click, swing, and click of the door to Lucas's room could be heard but nothing more made it past the insulation.

"Before we get started, I'm to read you your rights." Spoken clearly, neutrally, Miles launched into that well worn set of text to remind the young woman that she didn't have to incriminate herself in any way. Just as any police officer was required to, the same was expected of IOPSA. Once he was finished, the Guide took up a seat opposite of the morose young woman.

"Let's start with something simple. Your name, if you please."

Date: 2015-02-26 06:17 pm (UTC)
divaoftime: (That was unpleasant.)
From: [personal profile] divaoftime
Piper stayed slumped over on the table while he read her her rights, working hard to pull herself together enough to not be crying by the time he finished. She'd mostly succeeded, though she was still hiccuping lightly when he sat down in front of her.

With some effort, she managed to pull herself up straight in the chair again, wishing once more to have a free hand to wipe at her face with. she was still too preoccupied by that to want to start talking to him. He wanted her name? Well, he already had half of it. She wanted her hands unties and a napkin, or something.

"Can you undo these?" She asked, indicating the handcuffs by raising and dropping her shoulders.

"Please? It hurts."

Date: 2015-03-01 02:13 am (UTC)
bytheguidebook: (neutral - profile)
From: [personal profile] bytheguidebook
Miles took a short breath, standing in one motion in order to best mask his annoyance. It was tempting to just leave her like that, Piper had certainly earned it.

There was a click as one cuff released. And another click as the free end of the handcuffs was locked around one of the table legs. The table was bolted down to the floor and at one side to the wall. It wasn't going anywhere and neither was Piper.

"First and last name." Miles asked again as he returned to his chair.
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Date: 2015-03-01 05:35 am (UTC)
divaoftime: (Sad Look Down)
From: [personal profile] divaoftime
Once her hand was free, Piper rubbed at the wetness in her eyes, and then scrubbed under her nose, lowering her had below the table to clean it off on her jeans. By then Miles had fixed the loop of the other half of handcuff around the leg of the table instead. She couldn't help giving it a few testing jerks, even though she obviously wasn't getting out of that.

Frowning even more, she returned her attention to that grumpy interrogator, and his question. Did she really want to answer that? It would just make it easier for them to look her up. Then again, Lucas probably already told them so she was screwed either way. This guy looked pissed enough to throw her in a cell already; maybe she should just try not to make him more mad.

"Piper Cardenas," She answered grudgingly.

Date: 2015-03-03 04:43 pm (UTC)
bytheguidebook: (neutral - thinking)
From: [personal profile] bytheguidebook
Scribbling down the name, Miles repeated the spelling of it. It was close, but Piper would have to repeat it back to him before he moved on.

"Alright. Just a moment."

He went to leave again, to look her up in the database. Only he found nothing in IOPSA's records. That meant either she wasn't a Sensitive or a Medium or their database was lacking. He had nothing to go on but gut instinct for the time being, and public records. Returning to the interview room, Miles took up his seat once more.

"Let's try this again, shall we? I found you in the cemetery, correct? Locked, mind you, with a shovel and a few stories to go along with it. What were you really doing there?"

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