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CMO - Prompt Meme

Call Me Out & Prompt Me Meme

Post your list of muses in a comment below. Interested people will respond to your lists with a character (or several characters) from the list and with a picture or gif for each character. You must write a prompt to them based on the picture that they've linked to you. 

Responders can also respond with a theme or mood they'd like to shoot for like 'sad' or 'happy' or 'ragingly anamatronic'.

Mr. Box-Chan
Prompt Word: Cold
Picture: [Pic]

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[personal profile] heropants 2015-04-05 04:31 am (UTC)(link)
Mrs. Brisby - Secret of Nihm
Captain Amelia - Treasure Planet

Reith - Magna Carta
Big Boss - Metal Gear
Yuri Hyuga - Shadow Hearts
Koudelka - Koudelka

Lightning - FF13
Mint - Threads of Fate
Lilac - Freedom Planet

Birdy - Tetsuwan Birdy DECODE
Edward Elric - FMA

Galahad - Sonic atBK
Robotnik - AoStH
Scourge - A!Sonic
Silver - A!Sonic
Bunnie Rabbit - A!Sonic
Sonic the Hedgehog - A!Sonic

Talitha - OC
Gaige Favilla - OC
Trinity Sable - OC
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[personal profile] bytheguidebook 2015-04-05 02:54 pm (UTC)(link)
 photo tumblr_inline_nlj3mlQeG61rdx96o_zpsf2rxwc0p.gif

Character: Gaige
Theme: Hit with a talk like an animal curse idek
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Through a very bad judgment call of someone upstairs, Gaige had been let into the IOPSA headquarters building for the day. He didn't want to go outside considering the sun was up and he'd begged the office manager to let stay. So with (reluctant) permission he spent a majority of the time making himself at home.

...Under Miles' desk.

Miles had the best desk location that would allow him to see all the potential entryways of the building. If he could see the entrances then there wouldn't be any surprises.

The chair had been kicked away, some of the things on the top of the desk had been re-arranged, and Gaige had tucked himself neatly under the desk as he munched on a pack of tuna fish. "Mmm mmmm♪ So tasty and easy to carry♪"
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[personal profile] bytheguidebook 2015-04-06 10:09 pm (UTC)(link)
For the better part of the day, Miles had been out of the office. Like the rest of his team they'd been given about eight hours to crash after nearly twenty-four hours on, wrapping up an investigation before they needed to hit the pavement on another. That was just part of the job, really, but it meant he had no idea about the extra guest until he came back into the office.

The first thing Miles noticed was his chair being pulled out. He frowned, gaze falling to his desk. A few of his books had been restacked but compared to Lucas's side of the desk it was still neat and tidy. But someone had moved things. Then the culprit was spotted.

"...Why are you here?"

Hi, Gaige. He missed you so much. Except, not.

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I hope the picture shows /crosses fingers

[personal profile] i_am_not_a_taxi 2015-04-05 03:40 pm (UTC)(link)
Character: Mrs Brisby
Theme: A kind scientist?

Ignore the first two panels... Also assume if her family isn't in a safe position, that Skyfire's managed to them somehow. He's got them somewhere safe, even if she doesn't know it. I might be mean, but I'm not that mean. XD

/shaky voice must practice.

[personal profile] couragelatent 2015-04-05 11:18 pm (UTC)(link)
She approached the edge of the cage cautiously and peeked out of the bars. Every time she looked at them her heart started to beat so fast she thought it would leap up her throat.

They weren't human, they weren't animal, and they were like nothing she'd seen before. What manner of creatures were they?

Mrs. Brisby jumped as she saw one turn in the direction of the cage. She ducked behind the elaborate feeder that had been set inside the cage with her.

Had they seen her staring? Oh no!
i_am_not_a_taxi: (pic#5604308)

/hugs It's ok, I'm tossing in liberal amounts of head canon because... reasons? XD

[personal profile] i_am_not_a_taxi 2015-04-06 02:41 am (UTC)(link)
Despite being so huge, Skyfire is nothing but gentle with the creatures under his care. He stopped near the cage and turned on his hard light holoform... All it did was replicate his form at a size much closer to that of a human, but it did make interacting with smaller creatures so much easier.

Skyfire really didn't want to keep them in cages, but it was currently better than the alternative since the land the animals and little creatures had been on had been sold. He'd barely managed to get them all rounded up in time before the developers started tearing things up. He planned on relocating them after he found a safe place... but some of them were different and he was curious.

Picking up a piece of dried fruit, Skyfire opened the top of the cage and placed his hand inside, just holding the bit of food out between two metal looking fingers. "It's alright... come on, I won't hurt you..." He really wasn't holding out much hope for the little creature to approach him for the treat, but then again, he really didn't have anything to lose by trying. This one looked similar to a mouse, but the fact that it seemed to be wearing clothing threw him a little.

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Active msues:

Lucas Kovach - OC
Hei - Darker than Black
Mary Poppins - some movie from the 60s idk
Aeryn Sun - Farscape
Miles Stedman - OC
Cecil Palmer - Welcome to Night Vale
Daranon Dawnseeker - World of Warcraft OC
Daranon Duskborn - Guild Wars 2 OC

Semi-retired/rusty muses:

Soul Eater Evans - Soul Eater
Paarthurnax - Skyrim
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Character: Lucas
Theme: Escape
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[personal profile] woocas 2015-04-05 03:34 pm (UTC)(link)
[Being legally declared dead made life a bit more difficult.

Also, that whole being hunted down by his own people thing.

But, Lucas wasn't thinking about that right now. He was watching the total climb higher and higher on the convenience store clerk's register and silently kicking himself for being terrible at math.

Look, sorry. I only have twenty bucks on me, can you take this and this off?

[Dealing with cash was just not something he was used to, but it wasn't traceable. Not that he could technically apply for plastic under his real name right now anyways, but it was just as well. Shifting nervously on his feet, Lucas tugs at the brim of his baseball cap and glances behind him at the tiny little store.]
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[ Being alive and hearing voices also made like considerably more difficult.

Yuri had always heard this one voice telling him to go do this and go do that and if he refused he got a splitting headache that felt like his skull was splitting right in two.

Today? He didn't feel like having his head proverbially cracked open, so he listened to the voice like a good little errand boy.

Yuri, who was standing in the back of the store with a high collar trenchcoat, had been examining the same container of chip dip for about 15 minutes when the 'undead' kid rolled in. ]

That's the guy, eh?

[ Looked awful healthy for a dead man. As Lucas had his back turned Yuri approached the register. ]

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Character: Paarthurnax
Theme: Badassery
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[personal profile] seekingtinvaak 2015-04-05 03:11 pm (UTC)(link)
[It isn't often Paarthurnax comes down from his perch atop the Throat of the World. But with these nagging metal creatures were too much to ignore.

With a might flap of his aged wings, Paarthurnax descends to find its source. It had been a long age since he felt so angered.
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[ His latest evil plan was coming to fruition! Robotnik chortled gleefully as his cruiser putted up the side of the mountain. Once he scaled the snowy cliffside he spotted the great creature and came to a stop some distance away. ]

Good morning Grrreat beast! I've come today to offer you a proposition in my empire.


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Character: Mary Poppins
Theme: Helping the Needy
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[personal profile] a_spoonful 2015-04-05 03:18 pm (UTC)(link)
[Whatever this place once was, Mary couldn't be certain. She stands amidst the ruins for a few long moments, soaking in the sight of her new surroundings. The reason why she was taken here by the West Wind was more than obvious, but where she actually was the nanny could not say.

Then, stepping forward with carpet bag in tow, Mary proceeds past piles of rubble, looking for any sign she's not alone.

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Character: Miles
Theme: Strange New Pet
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[personal profile] bytheguidebook 2015-04-05 06:06 pm (UTC)(link)
[Sitting in his cubicle, Miles frowns. Not for the first or last time today, certainly, but he frowns as his gaze once again falls to the blob of pink swirling in a jar set just in front of his computer's keyboard.

They had been doing an interview hours earlier. The owner of a curiosities shop had a bad case of poltergeist a few months back and this was merely a follow-up to see if things had settled down. The woman insisted they take this as an extra bit of payment and wouldn't take no for an answer. And, in typical Lucas fashion, the Medium finagled the responsibility of the thing to Miles's tender care.

Never wanted a pet. [Miles mutters, before finally unlatching the top and letting the thing loose. The woman had assured them it was mostly harmless.]

Well, out with you, then. Come on.

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Active Muses:

John Crichton - Farscape
Alt. John Crichton (Talyn John) - Farscape
Prisoner Number 6 (Introduces himself as Peter Smith) - The Prisoner
Piper Cardenas - OC
Kevin - Welcome To Night Vale

Rusty/Inactive Muses:

John Crichton's Butt Cheeks (Yeah...) - Farscape
6 Year Old Bitty Number 6 - The Prisoner AU
John Drake - Danger Man
Morph - Treasure Planet
Johnny Cousin - All Night Long
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[personal profile] bratshionista 2015-04-05 02:33 pm (UTC)(link)

Character: Piper
Theme: Cosplay
divaoftime: (eye roll)

[personal profile] divaoftime 2015-04-05 06:14 pm (UTC)(link)
"Oh my god, how did I ever let you talk me into wearing this?" Piper complained as she gathered up fold after fold of fabric around her feet in a vain attempt to walk quicker, to keep up.

"What the hell did you say this was supposed to be Trinity? It's so weird. And these things in my hair are poking my head!"

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Character: Morph
Theme: Exploring
blobofmischief: (Eyes Peeled)

[personal profile] blobofmischief 2015-04-05 04:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Morph burbled happily as he floated along, out in front. Taking point on this very important mission of exploration. He'd been given a very important job too; he had to keep an eye out for danger. And he would. He would keep too very big eyes peeled for the first hint of danger. Nothing would get past him. Nothing!

Sadly, his attention span was not to the same level of his determination. Those big eyes of his kept coming upon interesting shapes he could mimic, or explore. He would be trying very hard to concentrate, and then a neat crevice would call his attention to it. And he would just have to try and fit through it.

This time it was an interesting pattern on the wall that drew him. He caught sight of it and then sped ahead to give it a closer look. It was interesting. Oh, if only he knew what it meant. He rubbed his shifting pink form up against it, and felt something give way. There was a faint 'click' then suddenly the whole place was shifting and shaking.

He purred apologetically, then looked back to Captain Amelia to make sure she wasn't too mad at him.

/nervous fidgeting

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None of that <3

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Character: Bitty!6
Theme: Birthday Party
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[personal profile] halfadozen 2015-04-05 03:44 pm (UTC)(link)
It was a strange place for a birthday party, pizza is a weird food anyway, good tasting but weird. It wasn't his birthday party so he wasn't allowed to complain about it. One of the adults told him that. But, already he was bored of the singing and sitting still at the table wearing an uncomfortable party hat. He wanted to explore. He wanted to see what else was in this building besides very silly mascots singing songs. So, while the adults were busy placing out the birthday gifts on the table, he stole his chance to sneak off. He wouldn't be that far away, he told himself. They wouldn't miss him for a little while.

That was hours ago now.

Curiosity had brought him to a vent close to the ground. It was open, and just his right size. It was like a cave. He wanted to explore the cave. So, he'd crawled in on hands and knees, enjoying the nice clunk-clunk sounds his knees made on the tin. It had led him to a new room. A very cool new room, full of surveillance cameras. He'd sat in the chair and happily watched the rest of the birthday party on them. This was neat!

Then, he'd watched as the adults became more and more frantic to find him. Then he felt bad, and decided he should go back. But, while he was dismounting from the rolling chair he'd perched in, he fell and hit his head on the edge of the desk. He didn't remember what happened after that, but he must have fallen asleep for a long time, because when he woke up under the desk, all the lights were out and everything was eerily quiet.

"Hello?" He called, voice small in the darkness.

"Ow," He said to himself, feeling the sticky dried blood on his forehead. It still hurt so bad.

He started to cry, "Anyone here? I wanna go home. My head hurts?"

Tears were falling freely from those small blue eyes, starting out into the terrible lonely darkness. But then a chill ran down his tiny spine, and he got a sudden feeling that maybe it wasn't so lonely after all. Maybe he wasn't alone. He didn't like that feeling at all.

Im trash. 8D;;

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