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Call Me Out & Prompt Me Meme

Post your list of muses in a comment below. Interested people will respond to your lists with a character (or several characters) from the list and with a picture or gif for each character. You must write a prompt to them based on the picture that they've linked to you. 

Responders can also respond with a theme or mood they'd like to shoot for like 'sad' or 'happy' or 'ragingly anamatronic'.

Mr. Box-Chan
Prompt Word: Cold
Picture: [Pic]

Date: 2015-04-12 04:20 am (UTC)
i_am_not_a_taxi: (pic#5604308)
From: [personal profile] i_am_not_a_taxi
After a while, Skyfire returned and opened the cage again, this time to put a soft bundle of fabric in one corner of the cage as well as to switch out the food in the feeder for something he hoped would be a bit more palatable than pellets.

With the pellets replaced with a mix of seeds, grains and dried vegetable pieces, he pulled his hand out of the cage, only to leave the top open and sit down close by.

He's not entirely sure what to do... He's pretty sure she's not a normal mouse... The plan had been to release all the animals into a safe area of forest, but... Skyfire couldn't help but be a little worried. There were all sorts of animals that ate mice out there...

Date: 2015-04-15 11:37 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] couragelatent
This time, instead of cowering like before, Mrs. Brisby chanced a glance around the edge of her feeder bowl to look at the large hand that was messing about in the cage. Her eyes traveled up, up, up to the ..person it was attached to. They didn't look like any person she'd ever seen.

The little creature simply stared with her mouth agape.


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