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OC Only Meme!

We've had all sorts of Memes for all your muses, but what about a meme for muses that aren't of a specific canon,
or muses that you're still in the process of developing? Enter the OC Only Meme! Toss in your OC and pick a
scenario to experiment with them.

1. Scavenge - You're OCs are stranded alone on an island. They must gather supplies to build a shelter until help arrives.

2. Survive - Zombies are invading oh no! Fend off hoards of Zom Zoms and free humanity from their whole being undead thing.

3. Travel - Your OCs have traveled through time to a Mideval setting. With castles and poofy dresses galore your OCs must figure out how to fit in. Or not.

4. Employment - Your OCs got stuck with the worst job ever. Do they do it well or do they ignore their job? Anything for a paycheck.

5. Spooky Spooks - Your OC is taking a walk at night and they happen on a graveyard by accident! Are you intrigued or frightened?

6. Free Pick - Set up your own scenario!

Remember: OCs Don't have set histories and sometimes don't have icons, so give your RP parter details to work with in your post to the best of your abilities! Give them something to work with as much as you can. IF you don't have an idea of how to answer a specific question, toss out an answer and see how it works. You'll know that it's something you have to work on for the future.

Date: 2015-03-22 01:25 pm (UTC)
divaoftime: (pouty)
From: [personal profile] divaoftime
Piper instantly regretted her request, the moment the mystery bottle was uncorked.

"Ugh! Ew! What is that stuff? No wait, don't put that smelly stuff on me!"

She attempted to shift her knees away protectively, but there really no help for it while she was chained to the table. At least when the smelly stuff was applied it didn't hurt. Actually, it felt a lot better, but she still wasn't sure if it was worth it.

She was, despite herself, pleased that the band-aids were purle, and that they matched.

When it was all finished, she thanked Dae, but still a little sulkily because of that rank smell she now had to deal with, "...thanks."

Date: 2015-03-23 08:14 pm (UTC)
bytheguidebook: (happy - amused)
From: [personal profile] bytheguidebook
Too late to complain now, Princess Piper!

Dae, for her part, just smiled brightly, seemingly oblivious to Piper's reaction. In fact she looked really pleased with her own handiwork.

"You're welcome~!" Dae clapped her hands together, "Do you need anything else? Some water or a snack? There's a few things in break room that I can bring to you."

Might as well keep Piper relatively calm before Miles and Lucas came back, Dae figured. Poor Lucas, he was such a wreck over the whole thing. Dae only hoped it all turned out for the best for all of them.

Date: 2015-03-25 04:29 pm (UTC)
divaoftime: (That was unpleasant.)
From: [personal profile] divaoftime
Piper considered refusing just on principle, but the loud gurgle of her stomach in reaction to that offer gave her away before she could speak. It was way, way past dinner time, and she'd had nothing to eat for hours.

So, instead, she answered carefully, "Yes. But only if I don't have to pay for it.

Date: 2015-03-29 02:17 am (UTC)
dj_mort: (sad - hurt)
From: [personal profile] dj_mort
Dae smiled oh so sweetly. Yeah, no wonder Miles didn't like you, she mused to herself.

"It's free of charge," Dae smiled, voice never changing tone as she turned to leave. "Just like the handcuffs!"

And with that, before Piper could yell at her, Dae was out the door. Good grief, what a mess. Poor everyone, Dae thought to herself as she went back to her desk. The room was silent for a long time before the door creaked open once again.

Only, it wasn't Dae who returned with food, but one very harrowed looking Medium.

"Special delivery." He said quietly, with no hint of humor. If anything Lucas sounded tired. And he was tired, uncertain how Piper would take seeing him again and dreading her reaction at the same time.

Date: 2015-04-02 04:33 pm (UTC)
divaoftime: (PissedPiper)
From: [personal profile] divaoftime
Piper blew out a frustrated breath at that last word from Dae. Mumbling under her breath, "Bitch."

As the wait grew longer, she slumped further down into her chair, her bottom lip pushing further and further out as she vied for the record of world's longest pout. This sucked. This all sucked. She was never going to make it home before her mom noticed at this point.

Then the door opened and lo it was Lucas, that dirty snitch, stepping in to bring her food. The glare he received from across the room could have frightened small children.

"Why are you in here? Done telling them all about me?"

Date: 2015-04-05 05:31 pm (UTC)
dj_mort: (sad - feels)
From: [personal profile] dj_mort
Lucas had been unfortunately informed by Miles the kind of mood that Piper was in. It boggled his mind, really, and the Medium refused to believe it. Until now. He felt the color draining out of his face, gut twisting at the accusation.

"I can eat these instead," Lucas had intended the comment to have some bite in it, but it came out sullen and quiet. His shoulders sagged a little.

"I told them your name and where you lived, but all the interview room equipment went down after that, so..." He shrugged half-heartedly. Zach was a master of towing the line, and this was no different. Everything Lucas said about Piper after that had been off the record, and the man knew Piper would read between the lines here. He instructed Lucas to say this much, "It's affecting this room now, too."

He set the tray down on the table but made no move to sit.

"You gonna tell me what the hell is going on, or are you going to spin more bullshit?"

Date: 2015-04-06 03:22 am (UTC)
divaoftime: (pouty)
From: [personal profile] divaoftime
Piper made a pained face. God, now they knew where she lived. Just fucking great.

But then, the rest of what he said sank in. The equipment went down? Why would it...? Oh. Wait. Did that mean whatever else he told them wasn't allowed to be used as evidence? But, no, this could be a trick. He cold just be telling her that to get her to talk. They just wanted to catch her in a lie so they could call her out. Well, they weren't going to. No way.

"The only bullshit is the fact that I'm still here. I already told your partner all I wanna tell. You can take your stupid tricks and shove them up your ass. I'm not telling you shit."

She angled herself slightly away from him.

"You want to know more? You have ways of finding out, don't you Lucas?"

Date: 2015-04-06 03:38 am (UTC)
dj_mort: (anger - pained)
From: [personal profile] dj_mort
Lucas swallowed thickly, scarcely believing what he was hearing. After all of that, she was still sticking with this line? Like she was blameless? His gut coiled, and not for the first time that evening did tears sting at the corner of his eyes. Fuck. He was such a fucking idiot.

Maybe Miles was right.

His voice, once Lucas had found it again, was strained, trying hard to hold back on a wave of emotion that threatened to spill over.

"It's a good thing I didn't know you were snooping around for something in that cemetery at first, Piper." Tremors ran down his arms, and Lucas couldn't keep them from his voice now. He wasn't sure if it was from being upset or anger. Maybe it was both. "Because if I had it would have cost me everything. Not just my job, not just all the shit I've ever trained for, but...fuck. Everything."

He swallowed again, anger slowly winning out.

"Look me in the goddamn eye and tell me you weren't doing anything fucking illegal in there and I'll get out. I won't ever talk to you again, you can do whatever the fuck you want."

But he already knew the truth. At least, as much as he cared to know. Now Lucas had to wonder if she'd take him up on the offer. Now he'd really know if he ever meant anything at all.

Date: 2015-04-06 03:57 am (UTC)
divaoftime: (Unsure)
From: [personal profile] divaoftime
She sat up, suddenly ramrod straight as he spoke again. His words hit her like a slap in the face. The emotions spilling out, more than anything else had caught her so completely by surprise. Even though they had hung out, still a part of her had trouble believing they were really friends. But now, now was a definitive moment. He'd left the choice to her.

She looked up at him, in the eyes just like he asked and opened her mouth, but the words caught in her throat before she could speak them. What good was lying going to do her now anyway? He'd already proven he knew the truth. And, dammit, she was mad at him for being against her on this, but... she had a sudden stab of fear at the thought of actually never seeing him again. She really didn't want that. Even now. Fuck, how had this all gone so wrong?

"I... fuck. I never meant to get you in trouble. I swear! I never thought anything like this would happen. Why the hell would you be in trouble for this anyway? That's just stupid."

Date: 2015-04-06 11:22 pm (UTC)
dj_mort: (sad - thinking)
From: [personal profile] dj_mort
Some of the pain slipped from Lucas's expression at her words. In part, he believed her, but he still couldn't believe some of the crazy lies she was spinning to save herself earlier. It was a whole other side to her that he'd never seen and truthfully, it was a little worrying.

Still, Lucas considered her a friend. Maybe there was something else to it.

He sighed, "I'm an IOPSA agent, I'm held to a really high standard, Piper. If I had any clue what you were out there for, and especially if I had helped you, man..."

Lucas shook his head, not wanting to think about it. Sure it was extremely, and kind of a relic to days of yore, but these days the Lazarus Law was so very invoked that most cases of Mediums abusing their abilities were dealt with in different ways, depending on their skills. Most were not so extreme but rotting away in jail wasn't so appealing either.

Or worse, one of the Institutions.

"But...okay. I don't think you set out to get anyone in trouble except yourself." He relented, "What were you looking for anyways?"

Date: 2015-04-07 12:28 am (UTC)
divaoftime: (Sad Look Down)
From: [personal profile] divaoftime
"Lucas, if I was going to do something illegal, you be the last fucking guy I told about it, no offense."

Her nick name for you was Boy Scout, remember? Deep down she knew you were one of the goody goodies. She really never stopped to consider that he might get in trouble for associating with her. She never really thought they would get serious enough for that.


She looked down at the table again, hesitating on the point of telling him what she'd really been up to. Was he asking because he still didn't know, or just to get an official confession from her? The thought occurred to her that maybe he was pulling the whole heartbroken friend act as a way to suss it out of her. But, he wouldn't do that, would he? How far would he go for his job?

"I really wasn't doing anything bad, I swear. No one was going to get hurt by it."

She looked back up at him, eyes searching for some hint of his intentions, "But... how do I know I can trust you, huh? How do I know you aren't just tricking me into telling so you and your asshole partner can just lock me up regardless? I don't know what's going on anymore Lucas."

Date: 2015-04-10 08:22 pm (UTC)
dj_mort: (neutral - confused)
From: [personal profile] dj_mort
Okay, Piper had a point but it didn't lessen the feeling of annoyance, either. What did take the bite out of that was her thinking he was there to trick her. Another hurt expression tugged at his features, pulling down the corners of his lips in a frown.

"Look, Piper, either you believe me or you don't. But all I know is people don't go into a cemetery after hours with a shovel for anything good, either...but okay. You don't have to tell me why. It's just going to make things a little complicated."

He let out a breath and focused on what he needed to say next. Piper probably wouldn't take this well, all things considered, but their hands were tied at this point.

"You know you have to be in the database, though, right? Not that it means anything other than IOPSA is aware that you are a Medium and what your abilities are." Time Walking, as she called it, but two abilities as recognized by the international standards, so now Piper was an official Medium, too. "And before you yell again, that doesn't mean you're in trouble. Everyone has to register even if they don't work for IOPSA."

Date: 2015-04-15 04:15 am (UTC)
divaoftime: (PissedPiper)
From: [personal profile] divaoftime
"Lucas, I didn't murder anyone, jeez. I didn't do anything. I don't get why that has to be so complicated."

As for that next part? Lucas was right, she didn't take that well at. all. Just because he told her not to yell, didn't mean she wasn't going to.


She shot up out of her chair, so hard she was feeling it up and down her bound wrist and arm. But she didn't care. This was exactly what she was afraid of! Now all of them would know. Her secret wasn't safe anymore, and it was all his fault!

"I can't believe this! I actually trusted you! ...Fuck!"

She slammed her hand down on the table and continued her tirade, not bothering to stop to see if he had more to add. So help her she had plenty to scream about.

"No one knew about this. Not a goddamn person! Not even my mom! Now this! All because of you! I'm not some animal you can just catalogue! I'm not a Medium! I'm not a freak!"

Date: 2015-04-15 01:25 pm (UTC)
dj_mort: (anger - talking)
From: [personal profile] dj_mort
Whatever Lucas had to say was quickly swallowed down. He could feel his insides curdle as Piper's rant continued on uncontested, and a terrible sinking feeling settled in his gut. Why did the Old Man think he could talk any sense into Piper? She was on one track and one track alone, even if it was understandable. To a point. That point sunk home, right to the core of him in a single word.


Even then it surprised Lucas himself how quickly he went from calm to swallowed up by a well of anger and pain. He couldn't even face her, compelled to leave before the dam broke entirely. Red dotted his vision as he turned, grasping hold of and swinging the door wide open. It cracked loudly against the wall as he stomped out, slamming so hard behind him that the door frame shook and the door slid back open a few inches. Just a sliver of the hallway could be seen, but Lucas didn't go far. Miles was sitting with his arms crossed on a nearby table.

"Not going well, I take it?" Miles replied mildly, knowing exactly what was to come. Better to let the Medium vent here before stomping through the rest of the office.

"Fucking understatement of the year, dude!" Lucas's voice was caught between bitter anger and a choked back sob. He paced in a circle, running his hands through his hair, trying to pick out one single thought out of a sudden maelstrom of them.

"I thought she was my friend, Miles! I thought I finally...that someone would finally get it. Because she has to deal with the same crap from other people that I do! That you gotta hide some big part of yourself because people are just gonna look at you like some circus freak." His voice broke on the word. Normally it didn't bother him, it stopped bothering him a long time ago, but coming from Piper it hurt just as terribly as the scar laid over his chest. "She doesn't even trust me. After all of that, it was just a booty call...fuck."

That drew a small sigh from the Guide, knowing his next words would be harsh but Lucas needed to vent properly. Otherwise he'd bottle it up, a habit of his that Miles knew well. And, Miles did finally notice the door was cracked open. Maybe Piper should hear all of it, too.

"Stop thinking with your pecker, mate. If she's going to throw you under the bus for everything, then you're better off just trying to figure out what she was doing out there."

"This has nothing to do with booty calls! This has everything to do with a friend of mine getting in over her head with something and not trusting me at all. I don't even know what the hell she was looking for but she's in there basically saying anything short of a fuckin' murder doesn't mean shit! AND....and! It's my fault! MY FAULT. For what? For wearing this uniform? For doing my goddamn job? It's only something I've trained for, for most of my life. Something I almost died for." Lucas sucked in a ragged breath, not holding back tears that rolled down his cheeks. His throat was burning, constricted, and the yelling had taken most of the fight out of him, leaving a hollow feeling afterwards.

"...Fuck me, I'm such an idiot."

Miles finally moved from his seated position, offering up a pack of tissues. "No, mate. You're just doing what you think is right. You always have."

Lucas snatched up the tissues, but ended up holding them weakly in his hands, breaths coming in ragged gulps as he tried to calm down. Silence wore on for long moments, but finally Miles took pity on him.

"Go splash your face, get some water back in you. If you want I can talk to her, see her out."

"No...I can do it. Might as well be me. Just...give me a minute."

He sounded every bit the kicked puppy as the hallway lapsed back into silence. Miles took his seat, arms crossed and scowled at the interview door. He could scarcely believe that Lucas would befriend someone with no scruples like Piper, but now it was more understandable. Being a Medium was a lonely gig, it was just too bad he had to run into someone like her.

"You sure about this?" Miles asked again, when Lucas returned.

"No." Was the honest answer. "But the Chief wanted me to talk to her. Call a cab for her, okay? This...really shouldn't take long."

He didn't notice the door ajar, his thoughts still swirling from everything. Despite taking the time to wash his face, there was no denying he was crying just moments ago. He couldn't even look at Piper and for a moment, wondered what to say.

Date: 2015-04-15 04:42 pm (UTC)
divaoftime: (Cry Baby)
From: [personal profile] divaoftime
For a moment, Piper shrank back afraid of what she saw in Lucas, the way his anger had risen so visibly with her outburst. He turned and left the room, and she flinched at the loud crash of that slammed door.

But she wasn't left to silence after that. The door stood open just enough for her to hear the aftermath of her words out in the hall. The more she heard, the more it twisted in her guts. A cold pit had opened up inside her and she felt herself sinking into it.

But still, she clung to some vestige of her anger, wishing for it to be righteous, even when it felt only hollow now. Still, a part of her seethed, it wasn't fair! She never asked for friendship. She never asked for this to turn into more than just a booty call! She thought she'd been clear all along, she never expected that, she was never looking for that. Goddammit, that's all it was supposed to be! He wasn't even supposed to show up again.

But then he did show up, on her doorstep Halloween night, bringing along these ideas that they were more than just fuck buddies, and a part of her had liked the idea too. Dammit, that was one of the most fun Halloweens she'd ever had. But it was so confusing. She didn't know what she expected, what she wanted. She just wanted things to be simple, really.

Now they were complicated, and really fucked up. Was she wrong to encourage him to keep hanging out with her? When all she'd ever expected this thing to be was a short-lived fling? Clearly, somehow, he'd been expecting more. She didn't know what to say. She didn't know if she could give it to him. Why the hell would a good guy like him ever want to be friends with someone like her anyway? She kept waiting for him to realize that and leave her. It was so stupid. She never asked for him to stick his neck out for her!

So why was she crying? Why did she feel like her guts had just been spilled on the floor? Why did hearing him out in the hall crying and yelling make her feel like the lowest bit of scum at the bottom of a dumpster?

Why did hearing that he almost died on the job nearly steal her breath away? The thought of him suddenly being stolen out of her life like that gave her clammy palms. This wasn't fair! He couldn't just walk into her life like this and then vanish! Not now! She couldn't end up like her mother, crushing on some guy just to have him leave. She'd tried so hard to distance herself, but it hadn't worked. Now she was afraid of losing something she wasn't even sure she had.

Fuck. She really liked Lucas. She wanted his friendship; she wanted to trust that he was better. And she just realized the for real right now? Fuck.

"God I'm so stupid." She breathed to herself, sinking back down into the chair, while wishing she could just keep going right through the floor instead. Let it all swallow her up, this darkness inside her.

When he came back in, he wouldn't even look at her, and it stung so much worse now. when he finally does look at her, he would see that her face was red too, and still a mess with tears running down both cheeks and snot dripping from her nose. These weren't the theatrical tears form before, these were real, ugly, and full of painful despair.

They were finally letting her go. She'd overheard that too. Figured, now she didn't want to leave, not without saying something. She had to say something. Was it too late to fix this?

"Lucas... I-I'm really sorry. I don't think you're a freak. I'm just..."

Was she going to make excuses for herself again. It felt like that's all she knew how to do. But this time was the truth, and she didn't know what else to say, so, with her lips still trembling from holding back tears, she finished saying what she hadn't wanted to admit before.

"I'm really scared Lucas. I don't know what's going to happen now..."

But she couldn't stop there, "Please, say something?" she begged, "I'll tell you the truth. I'll tell you, please just... don't go."

Date: 2015-04-19 02:31 pm (UTC)
dj_mort: (sad - hurt)
From: [personal profile] dj_mort
For a moment, Lucas wondered why Piper was so upset. Her face was red, wet, and snotty. Maybe he had scared her with the way he left, but it would have been much worse if he had stayed. Right?

It wasn't any better a few moments later when he tried to speak, tried to hold onto some of that hurt. He could use that as a shield, make it easier to get Piper on her way. Just the way she wanted. That's how it worked, they'd both get to walk away from this...whatever it was. Only, he believed her. Those were fake tears, and her plea dampened the broiling feeling in his chest.

"You're not the first person to say that to me anyways. It's no big deal." He tried to brush it off easily, get to the heart of the matter.

"I'm sorry. Okay? It's been a shitty night for you. You don't have to tell me why you were out there." He drew in a deep breath, affixing Piper with a look heavy in concern. For her. "Just be careful out there. Please."

Date: 2015-04-19 11:01 pm (UTC)
divaoftime: (Somber)
From: [personal profile] divaoftime
She sat there limply, sniffling and trying her best to calm her choked breathing. She was surprised that after all that he was letting her off so easy. Him, apologizing to her? And, he didn't even want to know what she was doing after all this? Now that she'd finally broken down and decided to tell him? She'd been all geared up for a bigger fight, and now it felt like she'd had the rug pulled from under her feet again. How was Lucas this hard to read?

"You really won't make me tell?"

That look he was giving her, heavy with concern not for himself but for her. She'd only ever had her mom look at her like that. Again she wondered dumbly why he even cared so much.

"I can really go home now?"

At least when she got out of here, she really would just go home. For now. She still wanted to get at that buried money, since she still knew where it was, but she wouldn't risk going back for at least a week.

"And they... they won't tell anyone about me, will they? Please, don't let them tell my mom."

Date: 2015-04-26 04:08 pm (UTC)
dj_mort: (sad - feels)
From: [personal profile] dj_mort
"You can go home now, yeah."

As far as Lucas knew at the moment, the matter would be dropped, so long as Piper didn't go poking around that place again. He didn't bother with her first question, that should have been obvious enough, he hoped.

"All they did was put you in the system, Piper. You're a legal adult, IOPSA has no reason to inform your mother of anything." Unless she had somehow landed herself in trouble, but it seemed for tonight that wasn't going to be the case.

" want a ride back?" He'd asked Miles to call a cab, but now that felt wrong, somehow. Like bailing out on her, despite all the work he still had left to do that night. He could do this much for her, at least.

Date: 2015-04-29 04:31 pm (UTC)
divaoftime: (Sad Look Down)
From: [personal profile] divaoftime
"I never wanted to be in the system..." She whined, although her tone was resolute. She accepted that it wasn't anything she could change now, even if she wanted to. That didn't mean she'd be happy about it.

"I never wanted anyone to know... now everyone here does. They won't look at me the same way anymore, will they?"

She didn't want to be called a Medium. She'd already come up with a name for what she could do. She was afraid of that changing now that people knew. But at least her mom still wouldn't know. At least she still had that. It was really the best she could ask for now, wasn't it?

"...Yeah. Could you take me home? I don't have enough money for a cab."

Date: 2015-05-09 06:00 pm (UTC)
dj_mort: (sad - puppy pout face)
From: [personal profile] dj_mort
"They'll look at you the same way they look at anyone else, Piper." A small bit of that bitter tone crept back into his voice. This place was a safe haven, of sorts. He didn't get dirty looks here. Was that so hard for Piper to accept?

"We were gonna pay for it, but I might as well drive you don't hate me."

Dumb as that feeling was, Lucas couldn't help it. He couldn't help but be afraid of losing someone he considered a friend, since in reality he had only a few close ones, and none of them really could understand certain issues. Piper could, at least, a little bit.

"Come on. Let's get you home, okay?"

Date: 2015-05-21 03:50 am (UTC)
divaoftime: (Somber)
From: [personal profile] divaoftime
She took another deep breath and nodded her head, accepting that answer without any more protest.

"Okay, I get it."

She didn't completely get it, but maybe she was starting to a little. These people were used to this stuff, weren't they? So, maybe... it was okay. That one guy was still an asshole though.

"I don't hate you Lucas," She assured him, "But I kinda hate your partner." She wasn't going to apologize for that. He arrested her for no good reason! And threw her in the dirt!

"Yeah..." She sniffled just a little, "I'm ready to go home."

Date: 2015-05-24 04:30 pm (UTC)
dj_mort: (fear - anxious)
From: [personal profile] dj_mort
"That's just the way he is," Lucas replied. Sometimes Miles still rubbed the Medium the wrong way, but undoubtedly he had the same affect on the Guide as well. He was in no mood to really protest what Piper said, though, not even on Miles's behalf. The night had been long and tiring and he was looking at a longer night upon his return.

"Alright." So, she didn't hate him, or at least didn't hate him long enough to bum a ride from him. He could only hope that it might last longer than that, but he lead them on to his rusted out El Camino in silence.

He knew the way back already and after getting himself settled into the driver's seat, Lucas spared a quick glance in Piper's direction before turning the engine over. The car rumbled to life and he peeled away from the IOPSA office branch, but it didn't help to settle his nerves even as Piper's apartment neared. He'd been too nervous at all to say much of anything, unless Piper spoke to him along the way, his fingers danced nervously on the steering wheel as they pulled up to the curb.

"...So, uh. Catch you around?" Lucas asked awkwardly.

Date: 2015-05-27 05:14 pm (UTC)
divaoftime: (Default)
From: [personal profile] divaoftime
Piper rode next to him in tired silence the entire way home. Her gaze was kept steadily in her lap the whole while she picked nervously at her fingernails. She didn't look up at him again until the car came to a halt at the curb outside her apartment building.

"Yeah," she said, just as awkwardly, "I'll call you some time."

Time would just have to tell if that would really be true. She wasn't even sure herself in that moment as she exited the car. She had a lot to think about tonight, but she didn't really feel like doing anything anymore except going inside and sinking her face into her pillow. Maybe she'd still hang out with him after this. Maybe she wouldn't. She'd have to sleep on it.

Continued here
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