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OC Only Meme!

We've had all sorts of Memes for all your muses, but what about a meme for muses that aren't of a specific canon,
or muses that you're still in the process of developing? Enter the OC Only Meme! Toss in your OC and pick a
scenario to experiment with them.

1. Scavenge - You're OCs are stranded alone on an island. They must gather supplies to build a shelter until help arrives.

2. Survive - Zombies are invading oh no! Fend off hoards of Zom Zoms and free humanity from their whole being undead thing.

3. Travel - Your OCs have traveled through time to a Mideval setting. With castles and poofy dresses galore your OCs must figure out how to fit in. Or not.

4. Employment - Your OCs got stuck with the worst job ever. Do they do it well or do they ignore their job? Anything for a paycheck.

5. Spooky Spooks - Your OC is taking a walk at night and they happen on a graveyard by accident! Are you intrigued or frightened?

6. Free Pick - Set up your own scenario!

Remember: OCs Don't have set histories and sometimes don't have icons, so give your RP parter details to work with in your post to the best of your abilities! Give them something to work with as much as you can. IF you don't have an idea of how to answer a specific question, toss out an answer and see how it works. You'll know that it's something you have to work on for the future.

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Piper rode next to him in tired silence the entire way home. Her gaze was kept steadily in her lap the whole while she picked nervously at her fingernails. She didn't look up at him again until the car came to a halt at the curb outside her apartment building.

"Yeah," she said, just as awkwardly, "I'll call you some time."

Time would just have to tell if that would really be true. She wasn't even sure herself in that moment as she exited the car. She had a lot to think about tonight, but she didn't really feel like doing anything anymore except going inside and sinking her face into her pillow. Maybe she'd still hang out with him after this. Maybe she wouldn't. She'd have to sleep on it.

Continued here
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